Buffalo Mountain Lodge
Hot Tub

LOLA Architecture worked with Buffalo Mountain Lodge and their engineering team to develop a design to upgrade their existing hot tub. The project started off with the goal to re-use the existing tub, but provide all new piping and mechanical systems, as well as a concrete tub deck with proper sloping and drainage.

In order to integrate a new mechanical system into the existing building the existing mechanical room needed to be increased in size. This required reconfiguration of the adjacent locker rooms. LOLA Architecture worked with the Buffalo Mountain Lodge to turn this into an opportunity to upgrade the existing basement change rooms and exercise area to provide a more efficient and modern facility. The final design reduced the overall footprint of the underused change rooms to not only provide additional mechanical space, but to also incorporate a wedding preparation space that can serve the existing spaces above.


Banff, Alberta


Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts

Date Completed: 


LOLA Team: 

Erica Lowe

Consultant Team:

MWC Consulting Engineers – Structural
Remedy Engineering – Mechanical
SMP Engineering – Electrical




Photography by Bonner Photography