Kids Camp
Dining Hall

The Dining Hall/Day Lodge for Camp Harmattan is located northeast of Sundre, Alberta. The facility was designed as part of an overall Master Planning exercise for the camp. The dining hall will become the new heart of the camp. The vision for the facility is to develop a dining hall that can host corporate retreats in addition to functioning as the main dining hall for a children’s camp.

Through the master planning a site for the Dining Hall was chosen that both serves the existing infrastructure and future development. The selected site has many constraints including steep access, existing adjacent buildings, thick vegetation on an embankment to one side and a restrictive flood plain to the other. The final design solution embraces these constraints to develop a split level entry with a walk-out basement to maximize the use of the main gathering spaces, and create a mid-level informal gathering space centred on an open fire.


Sundre, Alberta




1,425 m2 / 15,340 ft2

LOLA Team: 

Erica Lowe, Rob Gairns


Renderings by LOLA Architecture