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October 2018

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LOLA Architecture is a full-service architecture firm that was founded in 2018 by Erica Lowe and Maria Landry with the goal of focusing on socially and environmentally conscious design and providing the highest level of service for our clients. Our leadership team has extensive experience in a multitude of project types at various scales. Our aim is to become a firm known for our design excellence, technical expertise, and practical approach which is unencumbered by ego.

We are uniquely positioned in the market by offering small-firm service with large firm expertise. Because all members of our leadership team come from larger firms, we offer the process, analysis and level-headedness of a large firm, while being able to provide the close one on one relationship of a smaller firm.

We pride ourselves in our efficient and creative team accomplished in all aspects of architecture, interior design, and technical expertise. We have experience in projects of all types and scales including facility assessment, feasibility studies, master planning, mixed-use multi-residential, single family homes, small interior renovations and large building system replacements.

LOLA’s success to date has been founded on our valued relationships with clients and consultants. Our relationships continue to be one of our core values. We foster a truly inclusive working environment in which all members of the project team enjoy the architectural process and outcome.


Our vision and values mean a lot to us. We strive to align ourselves with clients that share our core values and have a desire to improve the built environment for all.

Relationships LOLA Architecture is a small firm that seeks to build close, strategic and creative relationships with our clients, consultants and contractors. We thrive on working together on everything from planning, to design, to construction execution.

Research — Whether it be modern building technologies, or centuries old construction techniques, we are not drawn to the newest but instead the most appropriate solution for each given problem. Our process is to research and present the best solution for each project.

Excellence —We are dedicated to our aim of becoming a firm known for our design excellence, technical expertise, and practical approach which is unencumbered by ego. Our dedication and passion are shown in the simplicity and rationality of our proposed solutions, detailing, and careful attention to material and detail.

Innovation — Throughout design, we believe that innovative and modern building technologies should be incorporated where appropriate. We work to balance energy modelling outputs, and construction costing to determine the sweet spot in the cost benefit ratio regarding high performance building envelopes, reduced energy use and energy production.