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Welcome to LOLA Architecture.

Creating a beautiful world through socially and environmentally conscious design.


Our vision and values mean a lot to us.

We strive to align ourselves with clients that share our core values and have a desire to improve the built environment.



Whether it be modern building technologies or centuries-old construction techniques, we are drawn to the most appropriate solution, not necessarily the simplest or latest trend for each given problem. Our process is research-based to present the best solution for each project.


We are dedicated to becoming a firm known for design excellence, technical expertise, and practical approach unencumbered by ego. Our dedication and passion are demonstrated through the thoughtfulness of our solutions in detailing and material selection.


We believe that innovative and modern building technologies should be incorporated where they are most impactful. We understand and work at every stage of design to balance the competing needs of sustainability, performance, and costs to ensure the client program goals are achieved. There is a cost-benefit ratio sweet spot for high-performance building envelopes to reduce energy use and operational costs and we will find it.


LOLA isn’t afraid of commitment. We build long-term relationships with our clients, consultants, and contractors. We love this business, we love the industry we are a part of, and we thrive on working together every step of the way through visioning, design, and construction. Integrity is woven into everything we do.