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The elevated urban farming company has begun construction of its showcase facility.

Agriplay Ventures Inc. (the “Company” or “Agriplay”) announces it has successfully received approval to commence construction of its showcase facility downtown at 131 – 9th Avenue SW, municipally known as Calgary Tower Center (the “Showcase Facility”).

Agriplay’s first Showcase Facility will be located in the downtown core of Calgary, Alberta.  Working alongside Aspen Properties, Agriplay will install its growing operations over 3 phases to transform underutilized office space in Calgary Tower Centre into one of Canada’s largest urban indoor farms. Commencing April 18, 2022, Agriplay will be converting 65,000 square feet of rentable office space into an elevated urban farm which can produce over 150 varieties of crops.

“We have been working with Agriplay for a few months now and are really excited to welcome Agriplay into the Aspen portfolio.  The conversion of office space into a productive indoor farm is a truly innovative way of not only dealing with the vacancy issues in downtown Calgary but also injecting new energy into the downtown core.” says Rob Blackwell, COO of Aspen Properties.

Agriplay’s proprietary growing systems are designed with commercial asset management in mind.  Monitoring and intelligently managing moisture and utility consumption, Agriplay’s proprietary technology ensures commercial assets are protected and constantly improving efficiency and sustainability.  The growing systems use up to 90% less energy than traditional vertical farming operations.  Easily installed with minimal disruption to building operations, the system can also be removed at the end of its term of occupancy leaving landlords with an upgraded base building premises.